The Ultimate Tournament Team

semi pro 560x315

Two of these guys made our starting roster… sorta

With the NCAA Basketball Tournament set to begin today, we thought it would be a good time to put together our Ultimate Team. This team will smoke any team you can field. Granted, ours is composed of all fictional characters — but your jumper is flat and that first step is oh-so-slow cuz your gut is oh-so-flabby. No hard feelings — just a little trash talk to get us going. The Ultimate Tourney team comprised of characters from movies…

PG: Teen Wolf

teen wolf 75x75Insane court vision. Insane court smell. Quadruple-double trouble. Droppin’ dimes or dunking on your head, Teen Wolf is the man at the point.


SG: Billy Hoyle

woody 75x75White Men Can’t Jump? So what. Billy Ho can rain jumpers from anywhere on the court, all day long. He can’t hear Jimi, but you can’t guard Billy. (NSFW, but very funny clip)


SF: Clarence “Coffee Black” Withers

coffeeblack 75x75He revolutionized the Alley-Oop. What have you done? At least you’ll be remembered — posterized by a man with a fabulous afro dunking on you.


PF: Cable Guy

cableguy 75x75Can he play? Feed him under the boards…you’ll find out. Vicious picks, tenacious D and a terror on the glass — when he doesn’t shatter it with power jams.


C: The Chief

chief 75x75As big as a mountain and as unmovable as one too. You won’t want to be on the receiving end of a hard foul from ‘The Chief’. Ultimate teammate.


If you think you can field a better team for the NCAA Tourney, let us know in the comments.