Movie Scenes Made Festive with Santa Hats

hats apocalypseThere’s something about a Santa hat that makes everything seem happier and more joyous. Stick one on a kid or puppy and you’ll witness smiles from ear to ear from even the most callous of assholes. Since I’m a fan of the cinema, I figured I’d put this theory to the test. With the magic of photoshop, I decided to take a handful of memorable movie scenes and insert a Santa hat in order to raise the festive meter a notch or two. It’s the silly season, so what better time to act a little, well, silly.

Terminator 2

hats terminator


hats avatar 560x311

Taxi Driver

hats taxi

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

hats sundance 560x266

Pulp Fiction

hats pulp

The Empire Strikes Back

hats empire 560x296


hats casablanca

Fight Club

hats fight 560x261


hats gladiator

The Return of the King

hats returnking 560x284

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians Galaxy

Merry Christmas!