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Twelve Days of Christmas Movie Scenes: Die Hard

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Our Twelve Days of Christmas Movie Scenes comes to a rousing conclusion with one of the most badass guy flicks ever made. It’s become mandatory Christmas Eve viewing in my house because nothing puts me in the spirit like watching a shoeless John McClane punch, shoot and blow up a bevy of Eurotrash vault robbers. Of course I’m referring to Die Hard, duh.

Needless to say, narrowing an action masterpiece such as this down to one scene that encapsulates the sheer awesomeness that dwells in every frame ain’t easy. But for me, the death of Hans Gruber (SPOILER!!!) captures everything great about Die Hard. The cinematography, music score (complete with Christmas bells) and editing are all top-notch. Plus, having the genius criminal foiled by a couple of pieces of holiday-themed packing tape is extra satisfying, as is Paul Gleason’s ill-timed, yet hilarious, “hostage” line.


May you have a Yippee Ki-Yay Christmas.

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