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Top Ten Better Titles for “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”

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spartacus blood and sand 150x150


In honor of the fantastic Spartacus: Blood & Sand being released on DVD and Blu-ray two days ago, we thought we’d offer up the Top Ten Better Titles we call the show around the ol’ Gunaxin headquarters.  If you’ve been sleeping on this one, now is a great time to check it out, especially on Blu-ray.  Like Gladiator meets Caligula, it has all your bases covered.  There’s so much sex and violence it makes HBO’s Rome look like C-SPAN.

Instead of us getting into a full-on review here, check out Dan’s article “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” is R-rated 80s Awesomeness, from earlier this year when it debuted on Starz.  He nailed it, so to speak.  Look out for the prequel mini-series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena coming in January of 2011, followed by a full second season in the fall, which will unfortunately not star Andy Whitfield, as he is battling cancer.  Yes, Spartacus got cancer.  Where’s the justice? I guess Starz has angered the gods.


Spartacus: Abs and Boobs

abs 300x162

Sometimes the abs are on the boobs.



girls 300x225

“You’re into chicks, right?”


Baths and Sandals


I also usually bathe with two slave women.
Pic from Egotastic.


(You Will Be) Hardicus

spartacusblond 300x180

She appreciates it.


Spartacus: The Best Thing Starz Has Ever Done

lucy lawlessspartacus 02 300x168

For Realz.


Nuditicus: Swords and Skin

blood 300x172

This is sword through skin.


Spartacus: Ta-Tas and Togas

spartboobs 289x300

Stupid logo.


300: The Series

300 300x168

Yup, same guy.


Spartacus: Finally, Xena Topless

lucylawless 300x236

The moment fangirls around the world have been waiting for.




This dude is one content creep.

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spartacus blood and sand 150x150