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The Sci-Fi Movie Poster Trivia Quiz 2

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Well, hello there and welcome to the fifth installment in our super popular (drum roll please) Movie Poster Trivia Quizzes! Thank you, thank you… please have a seat. It just occurred to me that our most recent quiz took place right around Halloween, so it’s been a few months. And that means it’s been a few months since the answers to the Horror Poster Trivia Quiz 2… quiz… were given. At all. So here they are:

1. Cannibal Holocaust
2. The Ghost of Frankenstein
3. The House on Haunted Hill
4. Invasion of the Blood Farmers
5. Maniac
6. Attack of the Mushroom People
7. Son of Frankenstein
8. The Evil of Frankenstein
9. White Zombie
10. The Blob
11. The Mummy’s Tomb
12. The House of Dracula
13. The Horror of Dracula
14. Death Spa
15. The Blood on Satan’s Claw

I sure hope you haven’t been waiting around since Halloween gnawing at your fingernails and pacing a rut in your floor hoping beyond hope that I would, eventually, get the answers posted. Because if you have been… I apologize. Also, you might need some help. If you want to relive the excitement of the other past quizzes, you may, and they are: Comedy, Horror, and Sci-Fi.

Question 1

Quiz 1

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Question 2

Quiz 2

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Question 3

Quiz 3

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Question 4

Quiz 4

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Question 5

Quiz 5

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Question 6

Quiz 6

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Question 7

Quiz 7

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Question 8

Quiz 8

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Question 9

Quiz 9

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Question 10

Quiz 10

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