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The Bannen Way

BannenThe Bannen Way is the sexy, fast-paced series starring Mark Gantt (Ocean’s Eleven); Vanessa Marcil (Lipstick Jungle, Las Vegas); Gabriel Tigerman (Supernatural); Michael Ironside (Terminator Salvation, Total Recall, Smallville); Academy-Award® nominee Robert Forster (Jackie Brown, Heroes); and special guest star, Academy-Award® nominee Michael Lerner (Entourage, Elf, Barton Fink).

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Michael Ironsie

The slick new series follows Neal Bannen (Mark Gantt), a charming con-man and thief with a police chief for a father (Michael Ironside); a mob boss for an uncle (Robert Forster); and a penchant for fine women – like Madison (Vanessa Marcil), who wants to turn his life around and leave the criminal lifestyle once and for all. All Bannen has to do is complete one more job in order to pay off his debt to a notorious gangster…which just doesn’t work out as easily as he’d hoped.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Michael Ironside in relation to his latest role as police chief, and you can hear the full interview in Episode #3 of The Gunaxin Show. Ironside has starred in over 100 films and several major blockbusters including The Perfect Storm, Starship Troopers, Total Recall, Top Gun, and most recently in the summer hit Terminator Salvation. His long list of television credits include Desperate Housewives, Nuremberg, Cold Case, and ER.

We’ve caught a few “webisodes” of The Bannen Way, and we’re already big fans. It pretty much has everything you could want in a series like this. The first couple of episodes really grab your attention and then they don’t let go after that. Check out the trailer below, and full episodes over at Crackle.

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