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Six Songs About Sarah

There are just some names that lend themselves to song titles: Mary, Katie, Jane, er, Deirdre. Perhaps it’s the popularity of the epithets, paranoid managers’ need for radio-friendly drug slang or seriously unimaginative songwriters, but it’s clear some girls’ names are created more equally than others; at least when it comes to classic pop music.

One of the most song friendly names going is, of course, Sarah. In fact, after Mary, Jane, or a combination of the two, it’s probably the most popular girl’s name out there. So without further padding we present some of our favorite songs about Sarah — hopefully at some point we will settle on the right way to spell it.

Sara – Bob Dylan

When your marriage is on the rocks and you’re fast approaching middle-age and the prospect of working your way through the lonely hearts column in Rock Star Weekly is filling you with dread, there is really only one thing to do: write your former sweetheart an elegiac love letter, in song form. Including lines like: “Sweet virgin angel, sweet love of my life”, and “radiant jewel, mystical wife” are probably not going to harm your chances of rekindling the lost romance either. In this case, Dylan was, albeit briefly, reunited with the subject of the song, his wife Sara Lownds.

Sarah – Thin Lizzy

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