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Scenes From Under The Dome

under the dome by stephen king full cover 560x234

Let’s assume for a second that everyone reading this is a Stephen King fan. Why not, right? His writings are everywhere and easily acquired, so there’s good reason to assume that anyone who saw the title to this article would know right away that it was about King’s newest novel, Under the Dome. Arriving November 10th at your local bookstore, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and likely, gas station will be King’s Sixty-Third full-length novel coming in at around 1000 pages, his longest since the Final Dark Tower and It. Being the huge fan that I am, I will be eagerly awaiting it’s delivery like a dog pines for his master. But, if like me, you find it tough to wait too, here are a few tastes of what the read will be about, and a bit of a read from it, by the King himself.

The Trailer

Another Trailer

A Bit About the Book

The King Gives us a Sample

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