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Sarah Silverman Writes About Bedwetting

9780061856433 0 coverI can’t say I’m surprised that Sarah Silverman came out with a book because these days every comedian does. And I can’t say I’m surprised that Silverman titled the book “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee” because what else would we expect from her?

However, I am slightly surprised that the book so far has been getting not good – but great reviews from these avid readers. Perhaps that’s just because superfans initially stand in line and are bound to give it high marks regardless, but typically there’s at least one skeptic in the bunch, one who will give the C- grade no matter how they look at it. But so far, there hasn’t been one. In Amazon customer reviews, she’s 12 for 12, all 5 stars.

Which means, this is likely a book worth reading, if you’re into books like this, that is.

Sarah, congratulations on the book and the good reviews.

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