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Movie Villains Made Less Intimidating

villains header 560x372Everyone loves movie villains. They’re evil and scary and always up to no good. While we prefer our big screen baddies to stay as they are, it’s not that difficult to make them less intimidating. Using the magical power of Photoshop, let’s prove this theory true, shall we.

Darth Vader

villains darth 560x354Max Cady

villains cady 560x373The Terminator

villains terminator 560x333Lord Voldemort

villains lord 560x521Norman Bates

villains bates 560x282Anton Chigurh

villains chigurh 560x359John Kreese

villains kreese 560x312Nurse Ratchet

villains ratchet 560x374Hans Gruber

villains gruberHannibal Lecter

villains lecter

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villains thumb
villains header 560x372
villains darth 560x354
villains cady 560x373
villains terminator 560x333
villains lord 560x521
villains bates 560x282
villains chigurh 560x359
villains kreese 560x312
villains ratchet 560x374
villains gruber
villains lecter
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