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Merry Christmas, Batman

batman doesn amp 039 t like christmas o 2606215 560x378We all know Batman is about as good-natured and jovial as a member of the GOP, so finding him in a Christmas-time situation seems almost impossible, right? Get ready to be surprised. Turns out Batman is pretty indifferent when it comes to the holidays. If he needs to lend a hand turning around some criminal scum toward the light of the season, he’ll help. If the Justice League of America is throwing their annual Christmas mixer and they’d like to try to hook up Aquaman with Zatanna… well, Bats is always up for a challenge. And who do you think gets the privilege of bumming around with Superman as he assists Santa in delivering all those toys? That’s right, Batman. So, get all up in the holiday spirit with your favorite detective! Hey look, the Bat Signal has a wreath on it!

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