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Jeff Spicoli Reviews The King’s Speech

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As part of Gunaxin’s month-long coverage leading up to the Oscars on February 27th, I’ve enlisted some iconic movie characters to provide quick reviews of the favorites to win Best Picture. I could write reviews myself, but they would include five-dollar words like “quotidian” and “irascible” and be pedantic as hell. Besides, I’m too preoccupied downloading tattoo fetish porn to bother. So, why not let someone like professional stoner/semi-professional surfer Jeff Spicoli from the classic ’80s comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High do all the heavy lifting? Sounds rad. Here’s Spicoli breaking down the merits of The King’s Speech.

Okay Jeff, what did you think of Colin Firth in the film?

Great, but how would you classify his performance?

I agree. How would you describe the dialog?

Do you believe the relationship between the King and Lionel served as a metaphor for Britain’s archaic caste system?

Fair enough. Any message to those who call the movie boring?

That’s fantastic. What would you say to someone who stammers?

Gotcha. Any final thoughts about The King’s Speech?

I guess not. Nevertheless, I appreciate Spicoli’s, uh, insight on the film.

Stay tuned next week when another movie icon reviews The Social Network.

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