Is Entourage Cursed?

dj am buried in dunks 560x419

1069  bruno l 75x75DJ AM’s passing marks at least the fifth time a celebrity who had a cameo on HBO’s Entourage died soon after:

  • Bruno Kirby – played Phil Rubenstein, a movie mogul who adored his Shrek doll
  • Sydney Pollack – played himself in an episode where Ari wanted to borrow his G5
  • Chris Penn – played himself.  He was boxing and Drama was asking him for money
  • Sydney+Pollack+photo 75x75Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein – played himself in an episode where he and Turtle were trying to get limited edition sneakers
  • Stanley DeSantis – played Scott Wick for three episodes

Who’s next? Gary Busey? Pauly Shore?

Actors and actresses are lining up to be on this show, but now, be warned!!!

DJ AM’s cameo is in the middle of this, around 3:45 of the clip.

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