Get Drunk and Watch: Classic Sesame Street

sesamestreet group 75x75Everything is better when you’re drunk. Sports, girls, beer, and of course, television that you used to watch back in the day. So, do a few shots, sit back, and enjoy watching these classic clips that you grew up with:

Super Grover

Bert and Ernie

Yip Yip Aliens Discover a Radio

Count as an Elevator Operator

Cab Calloway sings “Hi De Ho Man”

No Cookies in the Library

Oscar Sings “I Love Trash”

Bib Bird and Snuffy at the Disco

Baby Honker Hatches

Robin Williams Gives Elmo a Stick

trix bunny-thumb Jack april_2014_small bill-and-ted d8e23280bedd9f0da0a68ff32fbdf82d The Natural