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Ewoks and Elves: A Star Wars Christmas

merry christmas jabba e1324579881239 560x346In a way the original Star Wars Christmas special is a lot like a snuff film. Not many have actually seen it, but everyone has heard rumors of it’s existance. Unlike snuff, the Star Wars Christmas special did air one time and one time only on national television, at 8:00pm EST on November 17, 1978. Since then it’s only lived on in bootleg form, mainly due to George Lucas’s utter hatred of the project. But just think if it would have happened if it had caught on. With the power of the Force behind it, Star Wars could have taken over Christmas. Instead of decorating with elves and reindeer, we’d be hanging up ewoks and tauntauns. The following gallery is just a glimpse of “what could have been.”

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