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Celebrity Pumpkin Carvings

pumpkin header 560x314

‘Tis the season to dress as ghouls and goblins, stuff our faces with handfuls of delicious candy and slice up a big fat jack-o-lantern. When it comes to carving a pumpkin to put on the porch, most of us go with the standard two eyes, nose and some variation of a scary mouth. That’s because most of us are artistically retarded. We leave the really cool and really skilled carvings to the professionals. So, since you weren’t going to do anything this cool by tonight anyways, let’s enjoy some impressive pumpkin portraits from the worlds of entertainment, sports, politics and movies.

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pumpkin dwight 150x150
JLAW-Schumer-Billy-Joel jay-z-0 Optimus taskmaster aliens-thumb Freddy Knick