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Cartoons From the Wild West


No, I don’t mean ones from Japan. Besides, that would be East. No, what I mean is these cartoons all take place in the Wild West cowboy days of the good old U.S. of A. You gotcher boots, yer spurs, yer branding irons, yer six-guns, and yer rootin-tootin good times. All of these here car-toonies take place where the buffalo roam and the deer… you know what I mean. Now get ta watchin’!

Buckaroo Bugs

Hare Trigger

Bugs Bunny-Hare trigger

Bugs Bunny Rides Again

The Daffy Duckaroo

Drip Along Daffy

My Little Duckaroo

Wagon Heels

Texas Tom

Posse Cat

Big Chief Ugh-a-Mugh-Ugh

Popalong Popeye

Dead Eye Popeye

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