Zach Tropf
Top Female Track Athlete Actually a Man?
August 19th, 2009 in Sports > Other

Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn!

A Madden 2010 Preview: A History of Glitches
August 19th, 2009 in Gadgets > Games

Ah, football and August. Training camp, pre-season football, and the release of Madden.

Tarantino Names his Top 20 Movies since 1992
August 19th, 2009 in Media > Movies

Quentin Tarantino is entitled to his opinion, just like everybody else.

Quentin Richardson: NBA’s Most Unwanted Man
August 16th, 2009 in Sports > Basketball

Quentin Richardson has become a million dollar hobo. Have headband, will travel.

Legion Red Band Trailer
August 15th, 2009 in Media > Movies

Watch Paul Bettany fight a legion of Angels.

Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA
August 15th, 2009 in Humor > Videos

A look at the segment Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert. Complete with listed side effects.

Betty Lichtenstein Apparently is NOT Nurse of the Year
August 12th, 2009 in Humor > News

Never hustle a hustler.

Best Buy Accidently lists $3,200 TV at $9.99. Hilarity Ensues!
August 12th, 2009 in Gadgets > Electronics

Never Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity.

Thirty Hollywood Stars Who Were Huge in the 1990s, but now M.I.A.?
August 12th, 2009 in Media > Movies

Where Have You Gone, Joe Pesci?

Play of the Week: Titans Punter A.J. Trapasso
August 10th, 2009 in Sports > Football

Someone just got owned.

Belinda Peregrín Schüll: Wag Watch #13
August 9th, 2009 in Girls > WAGs

Belinda is a hot mamacita.

Megawoosh: World’s Best Water Slide?
August 8th, 2009 in Gadgets > Electronics

You can’t go wrong with a water slide.

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus International Trailer
August 8th, 2009 in Media > Movies

It’s Heath Ledger’s last film.

Cat Downloads Kitty Porn
August 8th, 2009 in Humor > News

That cat’s gonna need a lawyer!

A John Hughes Tribute
August 7th, 2009 in Media > Movies

Those aren’t pillows!

Breaking News: Sara Jean Underwood is Hot!
August 6th, 2009 in Girls > Models

She’s so hot she needs three names!

A Naked Jolie Statue Breastfeeding?
August 6th, 2009 in Media > Movies

Milk does a body good!

Top Ten G.I. Joe Villains (COBRA)
August 5th, 2009 in Humor > Lists

No, Stephen Sommers is not a G.I. Joe villain.

Lance Armstrong = Giant Douche?
August 3rd, 2009 in Sports > Cycling

Make way for a giant ego explosion!

The Random Hot Girl Picture Dump: Part 3
August 2nd, 2009 in Girls

I bent my Wookiee!

Monopoly Gone Wrong: Man Lands in Jail
August 2nd, 2009 in Humor > News

Do not pass go, do not collect $200…

Star Wars. In Concert. I Can Die Now.
August 1st, 2009 in Media > Movies

John Williams must be rolling around in his grave.

Scent Talk: Wild Sex Panther
July 30th, 2009 in Humor > News

It smells like Bigfoot’s dick!

Martina Stella: Wag Watch #12
July 29th, 2009 in Girls > WAGs

Martina Stella è una donna italiana sexy.

Fox bans Family Guy episode “Partial Terms of Endearment”
July 28th, 2009 in Media > Television

It’s the episode 20th Century Fox doesn’t want you to see!

Ménage à Taser?
July 28th, 2009 in Gadgets > Electronics

Don’t tase us, bro!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Poster
July 23rd, 2009 in Media > Movies

At least Uwe Boll isn’t involved.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Brings 100 Flavors of Soda
July 23rd, 2009 in Grub > Soft Drinks

The Future is Now, Catch the Wave!

Sprite Ads Deemed too “adult” for Germany
July 20th, 2009 in Grub > Soft Drinks

I will now Obey my Thirst!

PETA Brings us the Sea Kitten
July 20th, 2009 in Humor

Mmm…kitten, the other other white meat.