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Fifty 80s Music Artists… Then and Now

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Here’s a gallery for the ages… and the ag-ed.

The 1980s were just about three decades ago now. If you were a 13-year-old back in say 1982, playing with your BIG TRAK or My Little Pony, how far away did the 1950s seem to you? Like a different planet.

Guess what. That’s how youngins today feel about the 1980s.

If you lived through Rubik’s Cube, Cabbage Patch Kids and Speak and Spell, you’ll delight (or get a sense of your mortality) in catching up with your faves from back in the day. What do Boy George, Pat Benatar and Duran Duran look like today? How about Thomas Dolby, Olivia Newton-John and Irene Cara? Devo and the Reverend Run? Lead singer of Flock of Seagulls… yup, bald.

And what about Gunaxin readers born after the 80s’? You might want to know what Janet Jackson’s and Madonna’s bosoms looked like before wardrobe malfunctions, or the size of Bono’s head before it swelled up with bloviated international concern. Or Axl Rose’s before it swelled up with food.

Here are your answers and many more: Fifty 1980s music artists, then and now.

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