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6Q: Nadine Velazquez – Actress

220px Nadine VelazquezSix Questions with:

Nadine Velazquez – Actress

You probably know Nadine from My Name is Earl. which was a very funny show but the show she is on now, The League on FX is much funnier. You can see Nadine and the rest of the cast on Thursday nights at 10:30 PM. The show centers around a bunch of guys and how they will stop at nothing to be number one in their fantasy football league. Nadine plays Sophia on the show who is married to Ruxin, which is one of the guys in the fantasy league.

I had the opportunity to speak with Nadine about the show and you can listen to the full interview on the Gunaxin Show. Also be sure to check out more than 90 pictures of the lovely Nadine Velazquez in one of our famous girl galleries.

The first season of The League just came out on DVD and you can get caught up with all the episodes so you wont miss a beat. Plus you might learn something on how to beat your friends in your fantasy football league.

Six Questions:

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