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40 Classic Vinyl Album Covers

the beatles sgt. pepper s lonely hearts club band lp vinyl record album australian parlophone 1969 3002 p 560x329Today, August 12th is Vinyl Record Day. The day corresponds to the date that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. While vinyl is experiencing a bit of a renaissance with hipsters, audiophiles and DJs, it’s a format which mostly exists nostalgically at this point. Records fell out of style in the late 1980s with the dominance of cassette tapes and the emergence of compact discs. If you were born in the 90s, you likely have never even listened to music on Vinyl, but purists swear by it. In order to celebrate Vinyl Record Day, we’ve collected 40 classic album covers from the golden age of Vinyl. Hopefully you’ll recognize most of these, or else we can longer be friends.

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Mcgwire Red Outkast James-Bond-doet-het-weer-met-Heineken-filmpje!_crop1000x500 Still Old-Peeps Rupert

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